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Full-Service Maryland wedding planner is also be a project manager?

Weddings and events are beautiful affairs, but that is only what you see on the outside. While Penn-Jones Events loves to curate unique designs, our specialty is logistics. Coordinating a wedding or event requires planning and organizing all the while ensuring it is completed in a timely manner, on budget and in with exactly what the client wants.

As a certified project manager, primary planner Paige is trained to do exactly that. She knows what’s at stake when you are dreaming of a grand wedding, only to realize it is $20k over budget or what happens when you forget to inquire if your vendors don’t have liability insurance. Maybe your forgot to give the caterer the head count in a timely manner and that special cocktail hour hors d'oeuvre (or farm to table meal) won’t make the cut.

Paige has tried and true processes set in place to ensure these types of mishaps do not occur. During both our initial consultation and onboarding call we will discuss at length your wedding expectations, the budget, look, food, literally everything. She will also let you know if this is attainable within your proposed budget. By working with an experienced wedding planner, you will be able to get cost estimates for those chivari chairs, multicolored floral centerpieces and that floral arch you always dreamed of.

By utilizing our full service planning package, which we call our Complete Service Collection, you don't have to worry about finding the perfect vendors to work with... we’ll handle that. And we will also make sure they are insured as per your venue’s guidelines. We curate a list of 3-4 vendors within each vendor category (photography, florist/decor, DJ, production team, etc.) and ensure they fit your aesthetic and budget. With our detailed timelines, each vendor will know exactly when and where to show up and what is expected of them. Design is beautiful but its only half of the battle. Ensuring your wedding or event runs smoothly is priority!

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